Tyler Pease

About Me

🎓 Bachelors of Science, BS - Computer Science; Florida State University (graduating December 2022)

As a child I’ve always been interested in everything involving computers. Just as the technology continued to mature and bringing to rise video platforms, my interests grew and matured past the simple interests of it being a form of entertainment. I found myself under the thrall of watching anything educational about computers and software. Learning more about it became one of my major interests, alongside of creative writing and learning about history.

It was during my high school years that I started to think more about programming when I took my HTML class with Mr. Karmanos, causing in turn my interests to shift directly in that avenue. Tallahassee Community College affirmed my decision in pursuing Computer Science while Florida State University proved to be its dichotomy in actively challenging me—though FSU ultimately helped me grow beyond what TCC could.

Largely, I continue to try and juggle my time with my interests:

  • studying and self-learning
  • programming (be it practice or self-projects)
  • finding time to relax and just game

🔭 Currently I’m trying to:

  • 🌱 learn and pass my CS courses and other courses
  • 🌱 learn how to use Unity/gamedev
  • 🌱 and maybe look into machine learning (though I haven’t done much with learning that so far)
  • come up with attainable project ideas (and not make myself drown in the process by overreaching)