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Orcs & Towers - Link

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Orcs & Towers is a tower defense game where the player must defend their base from waves of orcs. The player can build towers to defend their base and expand the map to make the path longer for the orcs. The player can also upgrade their towers to make them more powerful.

PythonChess - Link

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PythonChess is a chess game written in Python using the Pygame library. It is a school project for the course COP4521: Secure, Parallel, and Distributed Programming in Python at Florida State University during the Fall of 2021. The game is capable of being played alone against an AI, against another player on the same machine, or against another player on a separate machine. It is also capable of loading the last saved game from the database.

Tasker - Link

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Tasker is a task management application written in C#. It was a incrementally built project, each assignment adding more features and capabilities as we learned C#. It was for the course CIS4930-0002 C# Programming at Florida State University during the Spring of 2022. It is mainly a GUI interface with MongoDB capabilities in the backend (though it is not currently connected to a database). It is capable of saving and loading on the local PC when the online service isn't available.


Latest GitHub repositories that I've built and committed to:

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Submitted Working Leetcode Solutions.
Technical Assessment - Basic Invoice System
An ASCII 8-to-7 bit packer
Simple python flask application that lists out links with ?code=codes filled in
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Discord Bot Template for a simple, magic 8 ball bot
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Repository template for any Unity projects